Whew, Monday! You are brutal. I’m happy to throw myself back into a steady routine after several weeks of traveling and being away from home on weekends. I had an incredible time in Orlando with some of my coworkers eating and drinking at the International Food and Wine Festival over the weekend. I’m so glad I went and had some quality time with strong, smart, ambitious women.

stripedAlthough I’m still trying to catch up on rest, I’m more ready than ever to get stuff done and hammer out some new projects and get some more things done around the house. I feel like after the first month or two of getting settled into our house I kind of stepped away from stressing about decorating and making all of the rooms look cohesive. Now I’m excited to get back into it and make our house extra cozy and festive for the holidays.

stripedstripedNow let’s jump into this style post. These are some of my absolute favorite striped jeans from Zara because if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with stripes. My friends were laughing at me all weekend because everything in my suitcase had striped and everything I bought when we were out shopping had stripes as well. S.O.S. someone help me. I need to chill. I decided to wear these striped jeans with a neutral sweater to let the stripes be their own statement. I paired it with my favorite open-toe booties from Vinnie Louise. The camel color is so perfect for autumn.
stripedstripedJeans- Zara // Sweater- Madewell [last season] // Shoes- Vinnie Louise // Cross-body bag– Hush Puppies // Necklace- Lee & Birch


Photos by Katie Kessel.

Have a great week, everyone!

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