It’s been a wild ride these past several months and I can’t believe I’m already in my 32nd week of pregnancy. That means our little peanut will be here under 2 months. Holy moly. Time has been absolutely flying by ever since I hit the 3rd trimester.

Two weeks ago I had my very first baby shower hosted by my friends here in Nashville and this PinkBlush maternity dress was the perfect thing for me to wear for the occasion.

pinkblush maternity

The outpouring of love and support I felt from my close-knit community here in Tennessee had me feeling so grateful. I’m going to remember that day forever. My amazing friend Trisha did such a wonderful job of creating the most special day for me… right down to the games, flowers, snacks, and mint lemonade (lemonade has been a major pregnancy craving for me). My mom and sister even made a special weekend trip down so that they could be there for it. My heart was just beaming.

pinkblush maternitypinkblush maternityIn some ways I feel like I’m ready for this baby to be here and in some ways I’m still in disbelief that it’s actually happening. My old office has been transforming into a new baby nursery and it’s piling up with boxes of furniture, toys, and baby clothes. I keep feeling like I have an unlimited amount of time before we need to get things settled in there, but then remember we’re only 8 weeks out from bringing a baby home from the hospital. It’s time to get my butt in gear and prepare this little one’s room.

This past weekend, Steve assembled the baby’s crib while I sat nearby and watched while eating donuts. I also did the first load of baby laundry and teared up as I folded tiny onesies and mitts. We put the fitted sheet on the mattress and placed it in the crib. Things are getting so real.

pinkblush maternity

pinkblush maternity

One thing that’s really funny to me is that I always imagined that one day when I’d get pregnancy that I would HATE the thought of buying any maternity clothes. It just seemed so stupid to me to have to buy things that I can only wear for so long just to cover a giant belly when I could just size up or wear giant t-shirts with leggings. Then I got pregnant and reality hit– I still have to be seen in public and look presentable from time to time, so oversized loungewear wasn’t going to cut it. I hadn’t realized before how accessible GOOD quality maternity clothes were until recently. When I discovered these maternity dresses from PinkBlush, I knew I had to have one for events. I absolutely love the quality, the fit, the fabric, and the design. It makes me feel radiant and feminine without feeling like a generic, maternity-clad pregnant girl.

pinkblush maternity

I’m wearing the Light Yellow Floral Sleeveless Knot Front dress (c/o PinkBlush.) Sizes ranges from Small to Maternity Plus.

I’ll hopefully be checking back in a bit more frequently now that some of the dust has settled. I’m heading to Michigan this weekend for 2 more baby showers, Easter, and my cousin’s wedding. Then I’ll be enjoying the month of May with little-to-no weekend plans other than preparing for the arrival of our little bundle of joy. I cannot wait to watch my husband become a father. Things are about to get pretty emotional over here.

Until next time…

Much love!

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