It’s been over a year since my last haul of current beauty faves, so I thought I’d share what I’m currently loving for skincare (and one haircare product.) I’ve been working my way through so many different cleansers, exfoliators, facial oils, and masks to find the ones that work best for my skin and provide the best outcome.

For reference, I have mostly normal skin that can lean a little on the dry side in the winter months. These are the skincare products that I’ve found to be the best for my skin type. So here are my current beauty faves:

current beauty faves

One of my all-time favorite facial oils is the Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl’s. I’ve been obsessed with the Midnight Recovery Oil for years, but just fell in love with the daytime oil this past year. On the days where I don’t wear foundation, I start my morning by washing my face and gently patting a few drops of this onto my skin. It brightens while also moisturizing and freshening. It’s the perfect wake-me-up product in the mornings.

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Print Recipe Blueberry Muffin Bundt Cake Course Dessert Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 60-80 minutes Passive Time 25 minutes Servings Ingredients For the Cake: 1 cup unsalted butter softened2 cups sugar1 tbsp vanilla extract2 3/4 cups All-Purpose Flour2 tsp baking poweder1/2 tsp baking soda1/2 tsp salt1 1/3 cup buttermilk2 tbsp lemon zest For the …

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I quit the job I’ve loved for over two years.

I quit my job to follow my heart.

For those who know me, you probably know how attached I’ve been to my job. I was a product development manager, a content marketing manager, and a customer success manager all for the same company during my time there. I filled in positions when other employees departed, learned tons of new skills (including Infusionsoft, Web Dev, Hubspot, and more), took numerous online training programs on SEO, Conversion Funnels, Email Marketing, Copywriting, etc., connected with some incredible people in the entrepreneurial atmosphere, worked side-by-side with an amazing team, and had a total blast.

i quit my job

Every single time I considered leaving my job for a different opportunity (and I even declined a few great job offers), I kept telling myself that the grass is greener where I water it. Then I’d stick out the pain of my job a little longer. But I couldn’t do it anymore.

So why did I quit my job?

After spending a few weeks battling with the fact that I have put all of my own goals and ambitions on the back burner for a while now, I decided that I needed to make some tough decisions. Just over a month ago, I transitioned into a job position that no longer felt fulfilling or purposeful. I wasn’t waking up every morning with intention. I was unsatisfied and constantly dealing with negativity. It was taking a major toll on me. I lost sight of my own happiness.

I was losing sleep over figuring out what my next move should be and if I could even fathom leaving a company I’ve been so loyal to. I came to the realization I was sacrificing my happiness completely. I prayed about it for a couple of weeks and one morning I just knew what I had to do. It was time for me to move on. I knew it was the best thing for myself and for the company I was working for.

Although it was never a part of my ‘plan’ to walk away from my job at age 30, I had never felt more confident in a career decision. I let myself choose happiness over an unfulfilling job that no longer promised growth in my future.

i quit my job

Fortunately my husband and I are in a comfortable financial situation where I can afford to step back and recalibrate my lenses and refocus on where I want to go from here. I’m very excited for new opportunities on the horizon. I know this is going to be the start of something truly good for me.

After spending some time weighing the pros and the cons, I reached a lot of conclusions.

Here is a list of signs that it might be time to quit your job:

  1. You’re no longer excited about your job and getting out of bed feels more like a chore.
  2. You’re exhausted all the time. Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.
  3. Your personal goals and mission no longer align with the company’s vision.
  4. You’ve hit the proverbial wall at your job and don’t see any opportunity for growth.
  5. You aren’t being challenged and aren’t learning new things.

i quit my job

Now, I’m not telling anyone to walk into work in the morning and tell your boss you’re through with your job. That is not my intention with sharing this story. The intention is to make you really think about what you want in life. Not just today, not just over the next year, but over the course of your life. What awakens you? What shakes you to your core? Are you settling for mediocrity? I was.

What I am telling you is to sit with your thoughts about what really makes you tick. If you are able to pursue your passion in your current job, then BY ALL MEANS, hold onto that gem of a job and never let go! If your career still gives you enough time and mental bandwidth to work on your side hustle, KEEP GOING. But if you constantly question where you’re going in your job and if you’re even being challenged to grow anymore– just take some time to think about what you really want. You owe it to yourself to live a happy life. It only happens once.

Photos in this post were taken by the lovely and talented Lindsey of at a beautiful loft for sale in Printer’s Alley. For sale by Dee Russell.

i quit my job

…So what’s in store for me now? You’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂 That’s a post for another day.

Thanks for indulging me. Now go do what you love.

nashville blogger

Last Sunday, on our day off together, Steve and I had a brunch date for the first time in several weeks. Since I’d only been to Le Sel once before with some friends nearly two years ago, I figured it was time to go back and to bring him with me. Le Sel is a French brasserie located in Midtown. I love the unique Parisian decor and the contrast of bright colors and bold patterns. It makes me feel like I’ve stepped right into France (or what I imagine everything in France looks like.) Everything about it is the epitome of chic.

le sel


le sel

We started with coffee and beignets, or, what I like to call the perfect pair. Their beignets have apple butter and spiced sugar and are a gift from heaven. If you’ve been looking for a place to visit in Nashville that has beignets, look no further than Le Sell.

le sel


le sel

For our brunch entrées, Steve ordered the savory crepe with bear creek farms sausage, a sunny-side-up egg, tomato and fromage blanc. I took a taste of it myself and it was amazing.

le sel

I ordered one of the house favorites, the croque madame with country ham, gruyere, egg and mornay. You best believe I upgraded to a side of truffle fried (my all-time favorite splurge snack.) Holy flavor batman, this meal is no joke. It was everything I could’ve wanted in a brunch.

le selle selI would definitely slide Le Sel up into the top 5 places to eat brunch in Nashville. The service, location, aesthetic, and most importantly, the food are all top-notch. 10 out of 10, we’ll be back again soon.

Some images by Nashville Guru

nashville blogger

It has been sweater weather for a while in Nashville and I can honestly say I’ve never loved living in sweaters more than I do this year. Maybe that’s because in the south the bitter cold still isn’t nearly as bad as it was in Michigan, but it’s also just comfortable to step outside wearing a sweater. It feels like more like ‘cozy’ weather than it is ‘freezing.’ I’m still looking forward to Spring already though.
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