Last Sunday, on our day off together, Steve and I had a brunch date for the first time in several weeks. Since I’d only been to Le Sel once before with some friends nearly two years ago, I figured it was time to go back and to bring him with me. Le Sel is a French brasserie located in Midtown. I love the unique Parisian decor and the contrast of bright colors and bold patterns. It makes me feel like I’ve stepped right into France (or what I imagine everything in France looks like.) Everything about it is the epitome of chic.

le sel


le sel

We started with coffee and beignets, or, what I like to call the perfect pair. Their beignets have apple butter and spiced sugar and are a gift from heaven. If you’ve been looking for a place to visit in Nashville that has beignets, look no further than Le Sell.

le sel


le sel

For our brunch entrées, Steve ordered the savory crepe with bear creek farms sausage, a sunny-side-up egg, tomato and fromage blanc. I took a taste of it myself and it was amazing.

le sel

I ordered one of the house favorites, the croque madame with country ham, gruyere, egg and mornay. You best believe I upgraded to a side of truffle fried (my all-time favorite splurge snack.) Holy flavor batman, this meal is no joke. It was everything I could’ve wanted in a brunch.

le selle selI would definitely slide Le Sel up into the top 5 places to eat brunch in Nashville. The service, location, aesthetic, and most importantly, the food are all top-notch. 10 out of 10, we’ll be back again soon.

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It has been sweater weather for a while in Nashville and I can honestly say I’ve never loved living in sweaters more than I do this year. Maybe that’s because in the south the bitter cold still isn’t nearly as bad as it was in Michigan, but it’s also just comfortable to step outside wearing a sweater. It feels like more like ‘cozy’ weather than it is ‘freezing.’ I’m still looking forward to Spring already though.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2018.
I recently found my perfect crossback jumpsuit at my favorite local East Nashville boutique and to say I’m in love is an understatement. I picked up this showstopper at Vinnie Louise a couple weeks ago and immediately snatched it off the rack when I felt how soft and buttery the material was. This was before I even realized the amazing crossback tie detail on the backside of it. I knew I had to have it instantly. 
crossback jumpsuit I ended up wearing this crossback jumpsuit on Christmas to my family party. Although it was in Michigan and it was frigid outside, I still liked the way it looked with a chunky cardigan over it. When I wore it out on a coffee date to Three Brothers Coffee with Steve over the weekend, I paired it with this cozy faux fur vest and my favorite fossil watch.
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I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!! Popping in here real quick to share my holiday outfit. This comfortable, festive look is perfect for New Year’s Eve. I’ll probably be repeating this outfit for the occasion since I can’t bear to wear a short or sleeveless dress in the winter. There’s also something so cozy about wearing stretchy velvet and a flowy midi skirt.

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Well, dang! I guess you could say I had my own little winter break there for a minute. I took a partially intentional/partially unintentional month-long break. I was planning to take about a week or so off from blogging so that I could be with my family in Michigan after my grandfather passed away, but it turned into a longer hiatus when I realized I had to re-prioritize some things in my life. The end of the year can be so crazy and I think it’s so important to head into a new year and a new season with clarity and some fresh perspective, so I’d say the break was more than necessary for me.

Speaking of the year coming to an end… when did that happen?! I can’t believe it’s mid-December. I’m afraid to blink. Although the sun setting slightly after 4pm has been a huge downer, I am happy to spend more time at home with a cup of hot chocolate and a good Netflix show. I think some quiet, cozy time is good for my mental health.

winter break

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