After several busy months of jam-packed weekends and travel, we finally had a free weekend to get back into our brunch routine. Our most recent visit was to Geist, a charming and recently renovated restaurant in Germantown. We try our best to make it to a newly opened (within the year) restaurant for brunch at least one weekend out of the month. I’m so glad we made the choice to visit Geist because it was undoubtably the best brunch I’ve had in Nashville in quite a while.

geist nashville

geist nashville

The building is beautiful and takes the place of a 118-year-old blacksmith shop. The interior boasts modern bar decor and southern charm surrounded by exposed brick and giant leather seats. I wish I would have snapped more photos of the interior, but as soon as our table was ready all I could think about was getting my hands on some food. I promise to do better next time, but for now here’s a photo courtesy of Nashville Guru:

geist nashville

I ordered a mimosa and the egg sandwich, which was served open face (just the way I like it) topped with caramelized onions and the most perfectly soft-scrambled egg next to a side of American-style potatoes. Steve and I split a side order of the maple bacon, which was the thickest cut of bacon I’ve ever had. I jokingly referred to it as bacon steak. Steve ordered the Dutch Baby with roasted mushroom, spinach, goat cheese, and egg.

geist nashville

geist nashville

geist nashville

geist nashville

geist nashville

Mark my word, we will be back very, very soon. We loved everything about Geist Nashville. Even if you just want to pop in for a craft-made cocktail, it’s the perfect place for a conversation at the bar. I highly recommended paying them a visit. You can check out their menu here.



I’m officially back in west Michigan and I’m so excited to be here for an entire week. I’m working from my parents house and hanging with my dog, Syrus for a couple days. On Wednesday morning, we’re heading up to White River Campground with my family for a few nights of camping. Then, we’re heading up to Traverse City for the weekend to watch to friends tie the knot. I’m PUMPED to be here and get some relaxation time.utilityutilityAfter I shut my laptop tomorrow night, I’m planning to stick my nose in a book, eat an unhealthy amount of s’mores, swim with my niece, drink Yuengling around a fire, and embark on some nature walks with my dog and my husband. I haven’t been camping in YEARS so I’m planning to take full advantage of these next few days.
utilityutilityI bought this jumper the last time I was at Forever 21 because I loved the utility vibes. I’ve always had a thing for jumpsuits and rompers and this one immediately caught my eye because of the sleek zipper front and belted waist.  It’s perfect for hot summer days.
utility utilityLinen-Blend Zip Front Romper– Forever 21 // Universal Thread Slides– Target // Bag- Hush Puppies
utilityutilityCheers and hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

nashville blogger

It feels so good to be back sharing my personal style and musings around town again. Now that it’s summer and Nashville gets up in the 100-degree-days, my husband and I searched for some new ice cream places around town that would help us cool off and satisfy our sweet tooth. I typed ‘ice cream’ into my GPS and began my search for a new place to try.

rainbow styleWe set out to visit a place near Opry Mills off Briley Parkway called Cotton & Snow, which is primarily a Hawaiian shaved ice stand with tons of different flavor options. Which was ideal for me, since I’m basically now avoiding dairy at all costs (except for the rare indulgence in Jeni’s peanut butter ice cream). It’s so great that we’ve been here for 3 years and are still discovering so many places around town. I love exploring this city.

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Hello! I’ve returned from the hole I unexpectedly crawled into for two months. I wasn’t intentionally planning to be offline for that long, but the longer I limited my Internet time (aside from work), the easier it got for me to form NEW habits. After about month hiatus, I decided to spend a little more time away until the itch to create came back. I couldn’t force it while my focus was on some other big things.

When I started this blog, the intention was to always create freely and without obligation– to stay true to myself and true to my writing. Sometimes being a blogger can feel daunting and exhausting. I never want my content creation to only come from a place where I feel like I’m forced to publish something I’m not feeling. Plus, I think breaks are healthy and necessary for creatives.

Speaking of creatives, I’ve been SO fortunate to find a stellar creative community of artistic women here in Nashville. One of them has become one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Lindsey of Lucid Linds Photography. She has been the best partner for collaborating on brand shoots and I have a blast working with her. I thought I’d ease back into the blogosphere by sharing some recent collaborations we did.

Ketel One Botanical

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Last month over Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, my mom, sister, and I took a girls trip down to New Orleans for a fun little getaway to warmer weather. We decided on New Orleans because none of us had been there yet and I’m always a yes person when it comes to places I haven’t yet been. Plus I was confident in my ability to eat my way through the city.

The weekend forecast was filled with high percentages of rain and clouds. We hoped and prayed for a non-rainy weekend and it ended up being sunny and gorgeous the entire time we were there. The weather was definitely on our side.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Broadmoor, a neighborhood just slightly north of downtown.

new orleans

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