Hello! I’ve returned from the hole I unexpectedly crawled into for two months. I wasn’t intentionally planning to be offline for that long, but the longer I limited my Internet time (aside from work), the easier it got for me to form NEW habits. After about month hiatus, I decided to spend a little more time away until the itch to create came back. I couldn’t force it while my focus was on some other big things.

When I started this blog, the intention was to always create freely and without obligation– to stay true to myself and true to my writing. Sometimes being a blogger can feel daunting and exhausting. I never want my content creation to only come from a place where I feel like I’m forced to publish something I’m not feeling. Plus, I think breaks are healthy and necessary for creatives.

Speaking of creatives, I’ve been SO fortunate to find a stellar creative community of artistic women here in Nashville. One of them has become one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Lindsey of Lucid Linds Photography. She has been the best partner for collaborating on brand shoots and I have a blast working with her. I thought I’d ease back into the blogosphere by sharing some recent collaborations we did.

Ketel One Botanical

creative community
creative communitycreative community
creative community

Johnnie Walker Red

creative communitycreative communitycreative community

Wine Society

creative communitycreative communitycreative communitycreative community


That 70s Shoot

creative community creative community


I love this creative community I’ve stumbled into. There’s something so powerful about finding your tribe. I feel like I’ve surrounded myself with inspiring, empowering, intelligent, and passionate women who give a shit about making a difference.

I promise to be back soon.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to get over here and read this! You inspire me constantly chick! I’ve been talking about you a lot lady, can’t wait to work with you again and … get those tacos and tequila! See you soon!


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