We celebrated London’s 1st birthday a few weeks ago by having our closest friends and family over at my parent’s backyard for some treats, games, and quality (socially distant) time together. The theme was “London’s Bake Shoppe” and we served tons of donuts, cake, cookies, coffee, and brunch foods. We figured it would make sense to go along with the donut theme we’d been carrying through all of her monthly photos of her first year.

A year of London

Happy Birthday Donuts

Bake Shoppe Themed Party

birthday party

Donut Party Details:

For the party favors for our guests, I decided to make “mini donuts” from Cheerios and store them inside mini glass milk jugs (c/o Forever Wedding Favors) to go along with the Bake Shoppe theme. These milk bottle favors with cork tops were the perfect size for our the guests. I dipped the Cheerios in pink, white, and chocolate candy melts and coated them with colorful sprinkles to make them look like frosted donuts. I placed the favors on the tables for the guests to take home after the party.

mini donut party favorsmini donut party favors

mini donut party favors

I hired a friend to make some custom donut sugar cookies for the party (thanks, Kelli Hall!) and they were absolutely delicious. They came individually wrapped (not today, Coronavirus) and we set them out on the tables for all of our guests to enjoy.

donut sugar cookies

The balloon arch was my favorite thing to work on for the donut party because it was my first time creating any sort of balloon art. I ordered a kit from Amazon that came with the plastic ribbon with hole cutouts for the balloon knots, and then just ordered additional pastel balloons in various colors.

DIY Balloon Arch

DIY Pastel Balloon Arch

And what’s a donut party without coffee? I ordered a full insulated 5-gallon Cambro of coffee from Tim Horton’s that serves a minimum of 80 people. Needless to say, we had a LOT of coffee left over and it was awesome.

My mom made both the tray skirt and the smash cake for London and it turned out perfectly. London had her very own donut-shaped cake and had her very first taste of refined sugar. She didn’t end up getting a whole lot of cake into her mouth (which is A-OK by me) but she had a great time figuring out how to eat a giant cake with her fists.

donut smash cake

donut smash cake

After visiting and catching up with friends and family over brunch  ,the kids all gathered around the donut piñata and collected goodies once it was smashed open. Sorry for the lack of action photos… I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep up on photography while herding toddlers and kids around in the backyard all afternoon!

donut pinata

We had such a great time hosting everyone to celebrate London’s 1st birthday. We’re so thankful to everyone who came out and wished Londy a happy birthday. She had the best day ever.

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