It has been sweater weather for a while in Nashville and I can honestly say I’ve never loved living in sweaters more than I do this year. Maybe that’s because in the south the bitter cold still isn’t nearly as bad as it was in Michigan, but it’s also just comfortable to step outside wearing a sweater. It feels like more like ‘cozy’ weather than it is ‘freezing.’ I’m still looking forward to Spring already though.
airpark airpark
A few nights ago, Steve and I finally ventured over Cornelia Fort Airpark at Shelby Bottoms Greenway. The airpark was a privately owned airport that operated from 1944-2011. It was named after Cornelia Fort, the first female pilot in American history to die on active duty. The runway and airpark was built on her family’s farm.  I loved learning more about Cornelia and how she became an American hero and pioneer right on this land. airpark airpark airpark
I love discovering all of the historical gems around Nashville. It’s so much fun to learn about things that are in our own neighborhood. For instance, we learned so much more about the history of our house from some of our neighbors at a recent neighborhood holiday party. There’s so much history in our own home and I love knowing that it was so well-loved before we purchased it.airpark
High-Rise Straight Leg Jeans– Abercrombie & Fitch // Sweater– Forever 21 // Jacket- Lulus // Boots- Lulusairpark airpark airpark airpark
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