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This weekend is the first weekend in months that Steve and I have had off with no travel plans, no work, no nothing. Just a full weekend of nothing but Nashville. It has been amazing so far. Since I just wrapped up launch week with my SPS team, we were given a half day Friday, which was the perfect way to jumpstart the weekend. It feels so good to have some time to kick back and relax.


Additionally, we went to see Minus The Bear play Live on the Green Thursday evening, so that was awesome, too. Gotta love a free music festival with some of your favorite bands. Plus they played early in the night so we stopped at Greko for Greek street food afterwards and then to Dee’s for a couple beers before calling it a night.



After tossing around a few different brunch ideas this morning, we settled on Fido after just driving around the city. It feels so much better to not have an agenda and just do things on a whim based on how I’m feeling. I feel like that’s how I live day to day. Planning things too much only allows for me to get stressed and anxious, so it’s easier to go with the flow. I’ve realized that Nashville will always have new restaurants opening and new things to see and do, and if I try too hard to see or do too many things in a short time, I end up not enjoying it. Anyone else get that way?



After brunch we came home so we could get some things done around the house. It was so nice to just slow down and enjoy time at home together for a change. We then decided to grab dinner at the newly opened Fort Louise in Riverside Village. I’ll share more about our date night at a different time, because you’re all going to want to hear about how delicious the food was. It was the perfect date night spot. I sure do miss living really close to Riverside Village and all of the cute places that are popping up over there.

relaxedHigh Waisted Pants- Vinnie Louise // Top- Marshall’s // Shoes– Vinnie Louise // Bag– Hush Puppies // Sunglasses- H&M

relaxedI love the relaxed look and feel of these linen high-waisted pants that I picked up from Vinnie Louise last month. They’re super soft, stretchy, and go with so many different things. They’re also the perfect addition to my comfy work-from-home wardrobe, where I wear only things with a stretchy waistband and breathable fabric. Haha. Gotta let that gut breathe while I’m sitting at a computer desk all day.


relaxedrelaxedEnjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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Lately my favorite go-to causal outfits consist of blue jeans and bodysuits. I mention time and time again about my lazy girl style because I work from home, but that’s because it can be tough to get dressed up after being cooped up in the house all day. That’s why I love to throw on a fitted bodysuit with some fun detail and wear some denim and sneakers for when I’m going out in public. It makes things easy for a quick jaunt to a coffeeshop or a lunch date on the weekends. When I don’t want to fuss, this style works best.

blue jeans and bodysuitsblue jeans and bodysuitsI went through my closet and dresser the other day to start compiling some more items to give to Goodwill and realize how much of my wardrobe is grey. Especially t-shirts. I own so many basic, grey tees that it’s getting ridiculous. It’s like once I hit age 30 I figured out what I really like and just bought 10x more of it. Simplicity for the win. ::shrug::

blue jeans and bodysuitsblue jeans and bodysuitsBodysuit– American Eagle // Jeans- Zara [similar] // Shoes– Converse // Watch- Lulus [similar] // Purse- H&M //Glasses- Firmoo

blue jeans and bodysuitsHave an excellent weekend, friends! I’ll be working all weekend since we’re in the middle of a major launch at work. Speaking of.. if you’re interested in learning how to write, publish, and market your first book, check out Self-Publishing School’s training on going from blank page to bestselling author in 90 days!

Oh, and Happy Tomato Fest weekend, East Nashvillians!

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For a northern girl living in the south, I am serious about my fried chicken, especially when it’s hot. Moving to Tennessee was dangerous to my health (and probably the reason I gained 10+ pounds) when I discovered my love for Nashville hot chicken. After two years of eating my way through the city, I’ve compiled my list of top places to get hot chicken. Some will disagree with my order, but I’m not just judging by heat– I’m taking into consideration the flavor, texture, and overall experience at each of these hot-chicken-serving establishments.

To give you a frame of reference, I am not exceptionally brave when it comes to the Scoville scale. I typically stay between the mild to medium range on anything I order. However; for those who like to order things just for the burn, I think you’ll appreciate this list just the same.

Here is my list for the best places to get Nashville Hot Chicken:


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

nashville hot chicken

I choose Hattie B’s Hot Chicken as my number 1 pick for Nashville hot chicken. Not only do they have multiple selections on their heat scale, but the crispiness of their chicken breasts is my favorite. Although I’ve been to the one in Midtown several times more than the location in West Nashville, I’ve had positive experiences at both places and have always enjoyed the customer service. It helps that their selection of sides are amazing too! (Get the banana pudding and thank me later).

Hattie B’s has two locations (soon to be three!)

Midtown: 112 19th Ave. S.

West Nashville: 5209 Charlotte Ave.

Coming Soon: Hattie B’s Melrose: 2222 Franklin Pike


Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish

nashville hot chicken

My first experience with Bolton’s hot chicken was takeout that my husband brought home during Nashville hot chicken week. As soon as I opened the styrofoam takeout box I knew I was going to be in for a wild ride. The spices tingled my nose. After I got past the intense immediate heat (at level Medium), I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and the juiciness of the chicken. It is good, ya’ll.

Bolton’s has two locations:

624 Main St # B in East Nashville

2309A Franklin Pike near 8th Ave. South


Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

nashville hot chicken

Ah, Prince’s, where the original Nashville hot chicken was born. Prince’s was the last place I visited out of all of the hot chicken places on this list, and it’s a shame I waited so long to finally try it. If you want Nashville hot chicken done the right way, this is it. You can’t come to Nashville and not try Prince’s for the full hot chicken experience.

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack has two locations. Their original shack at 123 Ewing Drive and their south location at 5814 Nolensville Pike.


Party Fowl

nashville hot chicken

I didn’t recognize Party Fowl as a hot chicken joint the first time I visited. In fact, we randomly dropped in with a couple friends who were visiting from out of town while we were walking through the neighborhood. We decided to grab dinner and all of us ordered the hot chicken and I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was. I’ve since been a handful of times for different reasons: a Nashville Food Bloggers happy hour, casual date night, and more. Each time I go I order some sort of hot chicken.

Party Fowl is located at 719 8th Ave. South in the Gulch.


Scoreboard Bar & Grill

nashville hot chicken

I love how ‘old Nashville’ Scoreboard Bar & Grill is. Being out by the Opry means it’s tucked away from the main hustle and bustle of the city, but it still holds that timeless charm that the rest of old Nashville has. It’s also a pretty hopping sports bar, especially when the Nashville Predators make the playoffs. The original hot chicken is great and so are their hot chicken tenders.

Scoreboard Bar & Grill is located at 2408 Music Valley Drive.

So there you have it: my list of the best places to get Nashville’s famous hot chicken all around the city. You may agree, you may not. That’s fine. I know what I like and I want to share it with you all, especially if you’re planning a trip to Nashville and need some hot chicken recommendations! 

Happy eating!

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Some photos c/o Nashville Guru.

Last weekend we paid a visit to the newly opened Cafe Roze in East Nashville. We’d heard only great things since its opening, so we figured we’d make a stop for our favorite meal on the weekends: brunch. Cafe Roze was opened by the highly acclaimed chef Julia Jaksic who is known for playing a major parts in popular restaurants like Employees Only and Jack’s Wife Frieda. I’m always excited to see cute cafes and casual hangout spots open near us. I typically look at them as potential for ‘remote work’ locations.
cafe roze I cannot say enough great things about Cafe Roze. The overall aesthetic of the restaurant is beautiful, clean, and a combination of all my favorite things: pale pink, marble countertops, black accents, industrial walls, and tin ceilings. The service was friendly and the food was top-notch. I ordered the rose latte and the grilled chicken sandwich with fontina, avocado, and smoked paprika aioli. Steve ordered a cold brew and the stout waffles with mascarpone and poached fruit. We shared both dishes and were pleased with every bite. He said the waffles tasted like Christmas morning.
cafe roze cafe rozeIt was the perfect place for us to have a quiet and slow Saturday morning. The service was excellent and friendly. I won’t be surprised if this becomes a go-to spot for us. Cafe Roze currently serves breakfast and lunch and will eventually be serving dinner. Their hours are currently 8am-4pm and they’re located at 1115 Porter Road on Nashville’s east side.

cafe roze

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