Yep, it happened: I’m velvet obsessed. I can’t get enough of it right now. I know a few posts back I confessed my love for all things suede, which is still accurate, but holy moly have I really taken to this velvet trend. I feel like I’m reliving my youth all over again with this late 90s styles. What I love most about velvet is that it’s comfortable, thick, hides imperfections, and is warm during the colder months. Give me all of the velvet.

Here are some velvet pieces I’m loving this season.

Velvet Obsessed
  1. Velvet Wrap Slip Dress // Target (Who What Wear Collection) // $35
  2. Vegan Elsa Ankle Boot // Free People // $128
  3. Velvet Batwing Sweatshirt // Topshop // $48
  4. Noisy May Velvet Biker Jacket // ASOS // $78
  5. B.B. Dakota Velvet Jumpsuit // Lulus // $75
  6. Dawson Backpack // Herschel Supply Co. // $120
  7. Velvet Cut-Out Shoulder Sweater // ZARA // $40

Anyone else a fan of this trend? What are your favorite velvet pieces and where are your favorite places to shop for them?

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!


I recently added a wood watch from JORD to my limited collection of jewelry and watches. I’ve become a bit of a minimalist in terms of my jewelry collection because I get so tired of organizing, purging, and reorganizing my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and more. I used to have more jewelry than I could keep up with, so downsizing was necessary. Now my collection feels intentionally curated with only pieces I truly love. In that collection now lies my JORD wood watch that fits in well with my wardrobe of mostly neutral hues.
wood watch
My JORD wood watch is the Frankie style in the colors Koa & Ash. The wood has a darker finish with a slate grey face and I think it’s the perfect contrast. I love that the face of the watch is large but simple, too.
wood watch
jord wood watch
JORD wood watches run between $129-$395 in price and they have a huge variety of styles and colors. I happen to have weird, bony wrists so the fact that they are very descriptive with their custom sizing chart is helpful. I can confidently wear my watch without it drooping or spinning around my wrist because it fits perfectly.
wood watch
wood watch
JORD wood watch
To find the right wood watch style for you, visit woodwatches.com.

Wooden Watches by JORD

As a work-from-home professional who spends a lot of time in my home office, it’s important to find ways to comfortably lounge and unwind when the workday is over. It also helps to have a comfortable corner sanctuary if I need a change from my regular office chair. The perfect solution is my Xorbee foam chair that comforts me like a gigantic, warm hug.

Outside of my typical meetings and daily huddles that occur every morning for work, I like to spend some time catching up on emails, developing product, and managing projects from the comfort of my Xorbee. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since working from home, it’s that it is so important to find a comfortable place to be productive.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me reading, talking to my family in Michigan, or practicing new tunes on my mandolin. Lucky for me, all of these can be done from the comfort of my Xorbee chair. I even roll the Xorbee down my hallway and into my living room when I’m planning a movie night or a Netflix binge.


My pool blue Xorbee is in the X-Dormer size, which is 4 feet and perfect for sliding into the corner of a room. It was made to be a smaller, more compact version of the Xtreem foam filled chair that fits 2+ people. It’s the perfect size for college students living in dorms or smaller apartments that need a comfortable spot for studying and lounging with friends. The X-Dormer size is currently $40 off for a very limited time, so check them out!

X-dormer Xorbee
xorbee foam sack
For more information on Xorbee frameless foam furniture, visit www.xorbee.com.