This past weekend, Steve and I packed our bags and headed to Asheville, North Carolina for a much needed weekend getaway. We stayed in an Airbnb in West Asheville that was actually gifted to me for achieving our quarterly goals at my job. It’s good to know hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and that Steve and I get to enjoy the benefits of my job together from time to time. We had the option to pick any city we’d like to visit that was drive-able within a weekend, and Asheville had been on our list for quite some time since we both wanted to see The Biltmore and we enjoy craft beer. It was a no-brainer when the opportunity presented itself.


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Last Saturday, while my cousins Katelyn and Alex were in town, we took a day trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee to explore, taste wine, eat southern comfort food, and sample all of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey we could stomach. We loaded up the car, grabbed some iced coffee on our way out of Nashville, and headed to Lynchburg, located in Moore County (a dry county). Yeah, you read that right, a dry county.

lynchburg, tennessee

We arrived into town a little early and had some time to kill before our lunch reservation, so when we passed a sign for Lynchburg Winery, we knew we had to check it out. So we kicked off our day in Lynchburg with some wine.

Since Alex was in Nashville for a few weeks working at the Union Station Hotel, he was given a group VIP tour of Jack Daniel’s Distillery which included a delicious and darling lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House beforehand. This restaurant was incredible. We checked in with the hostess and waited on the front porch for our guide, Emily, to take us to one of the upstairs dining rooms to where she hosted our entire meal. The building holds several dining rooms where groups have communal dinners where you pass plates around and serve yourselves southern cuisine.

After our unforgettable experience at lunch, we took a short stroll over to Jack Daniel’s distillery to begin our tour. This is the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and we celebrated by having some for ourselves.

jack daniel's 150th
One of the “secret ingredients” in Jack’s famous Tennessee whiskey is the natural limestone spring water that comes directly from his very own natural spring. Cave Spring Hollow is Lynchburg’s greatest natural resource. It stays at a crisp, cool, and a constant 56-degrees all year-round.
We had so much learning about the history of Jack Daniel, his family, and his legacy. We learned about the filtering process, the charcoal mellowing, the mash recipe, the oak barrels, and so much more. We especially enjoyed tasting 5 different types of whiskey. We even grabbed a bottle of Gentleman Jack and had it engraved to commemorate Steve’s single “Where There’s Smoke There’s Whiskey” this year, the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel’s.
We had the most amazing day together. Special thanks to Alex for letting us tag along and enjoy your work perks. 😉


A few weeks ago we had our company’s quarterly off-site held in Salt Lake City, Utah. [Side note: I work from a super awesome company called Self-Publishing School and we’re all remote workers from across the country. We teach people how to write, publish, and market their own bestselling books.] Every quarter, we vote on a different city to host our off-site so that we can have the opportunity to explore new places and come together for 5 days to be productive and knock out some major business plans. I was really excited to have this off-site in SLC because I had never been there before and wanted to spend as much time outside in the beautiful mountains as possible before it got too cold.

When my plane arrived in SLC on Wednesday, I couldn’t believe how close the mountains were to the airport. There is so much beauty as soon as you step off the plane. We stayed in a large Airbnb home in Holladay, which is about 20 minutes from the airport and even closer to the beautiful snowcapped mountains.



Thursday and Friday were complete workdays, so we got a lot of things done together as a management team. On Friday evening, we headed to the Mystery Escape Room in downtown Salt Lake City. Our challenge was “Dr. Frankenstein’s Haunted Escape” which only  had a 14% success rate. We made it out! I have to admit that we have a pretty solid group of smarties.

self-publishing school

After our genius grand escape from Dr. Frankenstein’s room, we walked across the street to ‘Bout Time Pub & Grub to grab some eats, play some pool, and watch some football.

Saturday morning, we put in a few hours of work and then headed outside to get some fresh air and take in some views of Utah. The girls took one car to the scenic trail at Big Cottonwood Canyon while the guys went out searching for hiking trails. The drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful and we made several stops to get out, stretch our legs, and snap some photos. We even drove up high enough to be surrounded by snow on the ground.

img_7542 It was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


After we finished driving the scenic trail, we took a drive to the Sugarhouse neighborhood. We made a pit stop at Sugarhouse Coffee before heading back to the house to reconvene for the evening. They make a mean hazelnut latte.
We spent the remainder of our last night eating wings, drinking beer, and playing laser tag. It was a short but sweet stay in SLC and I will definitely be back to take in the views with Steve sometime soon. I loved it there.