December is sliding by quicker than I can keep up with it. I was actually thinking about taking a month-long hiatus from the blog so that I could focus on some other big projects and work deadlines, but I realized it would be more effective to just put more of an effort into my time management. I need to get better at juggling multiple things, and what better time to start than now? black velvet jumpsuit
Last night was Nashville Ladies Wine Club #6 hosted at my friend Carli & Julie‘s house and it was our biggest turnout yet. It’s always my favorite evening of the month and I’m so happy to see how it’s grown into something more than just drinking wine and eating snacks. I’ve met so many amazing girls in Nashville and every month gets more and more exciting. I was also gifted a selfie stick from my lovely friend Greta because she got a kick out of me trying to use hers for the first time last month. Watch out, world!

black velvet
I bought this black velvet jumpsuit right before the CMA Awards because I flirted with the idea of wearing a jumpsuit to the event. That was before I fell in love with the red wine colored crushed velvet dress I ended up wearing instead. So this little number became my go-to holiday party outfit. It’s so comfortable and festive.
black velvet jumpsuit
Jumpsuit- Blush Boutiques // Tan Suede Trench Coat– Lulu’s // Gold Necklace– Lulu’s // Gold Clutch- Lulu’s // Heels- Targetblack velvet jumpsuit
I love the simplicity of jumpsuits because I don’t have to put a whole lot of thought into piecing together an outfit at the last minute. I just throw on some jewelry and accessorize a one-piece outfit. It’s the best.
black velvet jumpsuit
black velvet jumpsuit
Hope you all have a great weekend and safe travels this holiday season!

I don’t know if I’ve ever been more relieved that it’s a start of a brand new week. Was last week rough for everyone or what? Whew. I’m glad that I had some photos to look at from when Katelyn was here last weekend so that I could reflect on the awesome times we had with our husbands adventuring around the city. Speaking of, here are some photos Katelyn snapped of me before we attended the Taste of Nashville event last Friday. It sure was nice to have my old blogging partner with me for a few days. It was my first time this season wearing a jacket because I needed to. That’s right, the temperature has finally dropped in Nashville and it feels like fall.
laura2 laura3
Ribbed Top- H&M [similar] // High Rise Skinny Jeans- Abercrombie & Fitch [similar] // Hooded Moto Jacket– Forever 21 // Booties- Target // Choker- Forever 21 // Bag- H&M
November chill
I’m really into this November chill we’ve had. I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better because I’m not sweating and throwing the blankets off myself in the middle of the night. Our house feels comfortable and I love it. Plus, it’s nice to snuggle up on the couch and wear layers and thick socks while I’m working from home.
November Chill
Here’s to a better week than last! Looking forward to a week of hard work, productivity, wine club, and then Michigan on Sunday!

I always love a good jumpsuit. That’s mainly because one piece of clothing constitutes as an entire outfit, and the easier I can dress myself in the morning, the better. I’ve had this army green jumpsuit from Lulu’s since last year and I’ve only worn it one other time because I don’t like to iron if I don’t have to. Since wine club was last week, I decided to pull it out of the closet, give it a quick ironing job, and throw it on. I had almost forgotten how much I love it.
green jumpsuit
green jumpsuit
I can’t believe the temperature is averaging mid-80s in Nashville. I keep wanting to wear jackets, thick socks, and boots, but I can’t bear it yet! I did it a couple times already this season, but it ended up being way too warm. I decided to wear some flats and no layers over this outfit last week because it was 80 degrees even after sundown.
green jumpsuit

Jumpsuit- Lulu’s // Shoes- Nordstrom Rack // Bag- Charee Crossbody c/o Hush Puppies // Necklace- Forever 21

I am unapologetically embracing the 90s style that’s coming back. From denim dresses to dark lips and neck chokers, I feel like I’m reliving my youth with these trends. Just be sure to call an intervention if I start wearing scrunchies and jelly sandals. I have to draw the line somewhere.
chambray dress
Dress- Forever 21 // Shoes- LuLu*s [similar] // Purse– H&M // Choker- Forever 21 [similar]laura2laura6laura5

What trends are you currently embracing? What was your favorite part about the 90s? I’d love to hear!