It’s great to live in a bustling city where there are always several options for things to do. Sometimes it can even get a little overwhelming trying to pick weekend plans when there are so many activities on Nashville’s calendar. One thing I’m really looking forward to is the Franklin Wine Festival on Friday, October 21st. The event kicks off at 7pm at The Factory and it’ll feature over 300 different wines from around the world with food pairings from 30 different restaurants around Nashville! Click here to see all of the participating restaurants at the event.

Franklin Wine Festival

Interested in going? I just so happen to be hosting a giveaway for a free pair of tickets on my Instagram. Winner will be announced on Friday afternoon, so enter now! Click here to enter.

Franklin Wine Festival at The Factory

Tickets to attend the event are $89/person or $35 for a designated driver/drink-free ticket. There will also be live entertainment featuring The Ukedelics, Ken Jolly and the Night Masters, and the Jim Fox Trio.

Franklin Wine Festival Entertainment
The schedule for the evening will go as follows:
-Silent Auction Stage opens at 6 pm
-King & Queen of the Vines crowned at 8 pm
-Auction closes at 9 pm

Franklin Wine Festival Food Pairing

Following the Franklin Wine Festival comes the Largest Wine Sale in Tennessee, where all of the wines featured at the Grand Tasting will be on sale for a full week after the event.
8 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Cool Springs Wine & Spirits
1935 Mallory Lane, Franklin, TN

You can purchase tickets for the Franklin Wine Festival here. Directions to The Factory can also be found on the Franklin Wine Festival website.

I can’t wait for this event and I hope to see you there! Let’s eat, drink, and be merry. 🙂


Last night I was invited to attend a blogger happy hour event at the new Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in downtown Nashville. I was excited at the opportunity since I had already heard so many great things about the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant; so naturally I jumped at the chance to visit (even though it was our 2nd wedding anniversary). Since the event was right at the end of my work day, I figured “why not?” and stopped by for an hour. I am so glad that I did.
Jeff Ruby's
The bar at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse
Upon arrival, I was greeted with a beautiful doorway that led into a dim-lit dining room with large windows that allowed for the perfect amount of natural light. The entire interior of the restaurant was gorgeous and no detail was left behind. Every piece of furniture, every wall hanging, and every tiny decoration served a purpose.

The bar area is stunning, and atop of the stage sits a beautiful, white mini grand piano that gets played for the patrons of the restaurant every evening. There’s a full stage behind the bar right against the large windows, which can house a full band as well.
Jeff Ruby's Bar
I was asked to be given a tour so that I could pop my head into as many different rooms as possible. While heading toward the back of the restaurant, I saw the gigantic wine cellar behind glass and the shoeshine right outside of the restrooms. Yes, that’s right, a shoeshine.
Jeff Ruby's Shoe Shine
I then took a peek inside both the women’s and the men’s restrooms because I knew those would be just as decorated as the dining room. Sure enough, the restrooms looked amazing inside!

Jeff Ruby's Nashville
The men’s room had a vintage barbershop chair from the 1920s along with a barber sign on the wall!

I then made my way over to the speakeasy room, which is the perfect setting for a small business meeting or private dining experience. The cabinet is over 150 years old and holds the liquor that is served at the bar. The table is glass that came from a clock tower from an old cathedral in London. The door to the speakeasy room was originally a door to an actual speakeasy during the prohibition era. Amazing, right?
Jeff Ruby's liquor cabinet
Fortunately for me, I was able to pop into the Music City Room, which was being set up for a private event that evening, but I was told I could take a look before guests arrived. I loved the Nashville theme of the room, which came complete with curated memorabilia from country music artists. The chandeliers, carpet, curtains, and table linens were all gorgeous. The fireplace in the Music City Room was actually Al Capone’s old fireplace from his winter home in Florida.
^Photo c/o Nashville Guru
Jeff Ruby's Music City Room
I don’t know which I liked better, the food or the decor. Everything was so, so good. The cuisine the servers brought out was delicious and so were the hand crafted cocktails.
Jeff Ruby’s is definitely unlike any other restaurant in Nashville. If you’re looking for a fancy place to go for a special occasion and love steak and seafood, I highly recommend paying them a visit.


Last week, I was invited to be a contender in the cocktail olympics held at Double Dogs in Sylvan Heights. The event benefitted the Nashville Humane Association, so when they asked me to be a part of it, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Myself, along with 2 other local business owners, were staged to compete against each other by concocting cocktails judged by a panel of local Nashville celebrities. We each had to mix up 3 drinks: 1 with vodka, 1 with whiskey, and 1 with beer. Each cocktail had to also have its own canine inspired name, created by us.

Cocktail Olympics
Fortunately for me, the 3 of us competitors were partnered with Double Dogs bartenders that could help us craft the cocktails. The first round of the competition was the vodka round. We created:

The Blue Heeler

  • 1 part Tito’s vodka
  • 1 part blue Curaçao
  • 1 part ginger beer
  • muddled lime
  • garnish with pineapple and cherry

Cocktail Olympics
The second round was the whiskey round, and we created something that I was particularly a huge fan of. I also give myself a lot of credit for the extra clever name. ;]

The Noble Shih Tzu

  • 1 part Jack Daniel’s whiskey
  • 1 part tonic
  • Splash of orange juice
  • pineapple-jalapeño simple syrup
  • cayenne pepper rim with lime garnish

The third and final round was the beer round. We were given Stiegl grapefruit beer to use in the cocktail.

Breakfast at Toto’s

    • 2 parts Stiegl grapefruit beer
    • 1 part champagne
    • muddled raspberries and mint,
    • strawberry, mint, lemon twist garnish


Towards the end of the competition, we made tiny versions of our cocktails so that customers could come up and donate to taste our creations. All donations went directly to the Nashville Humane Association.
The cocktail olympics were a blast. I had so much fun being a part of something that was for a great cause and the staff at Double Dogs were so wonderful.
After the judges tallied their scores, they gave out medals. I received bronze, which was still a win in my book (even though it was technically last place) because I really had no idea what I was doing. All in all, it was really fun to pretend to be a bartender for the evening while raising money for the Nashville Humane Association. cocktail12
Hope you all have a great weekend!