I was invited to be a part of something really special Monday evening called Morton Salt: Next Door Chef. I joined some fellow Nashville bloggers for a delicious meal. This incredible, one-of-a-kind experience involved converting our gracious hosts, Travis and Claire’s home into an actual restaurant for a day.  Travis learned from a professional chef how to prepare and cook a delicious meal using different types of salt. The best part? All of the guests were served this mouth-watering meal in their very own beautiful backyard.indie20

next door chef

This was Morton Salt’s second Next Door Chef event and I couldn’t be happier that they chose Nashville, known for some of the nation’s most cutting-edge cuisine, for their second feature. First first event was held in Chicago, which focused mainly on holiday cooking. You should check out their tips and recipes at here to inspire you this holiday season.

At Next Door Chef, I got to learn about the benefits of using Morton Kosher and Sea Salt when cooking. While most traditional kitchens contain regular table salt for all cooking purpose, they’re missing a major opportunity to make a profound difference in their recipes. I’ve realized that Kosher and Sea Salt is where it’s at.

next door chefindie16

Now, I can’t give away all of the details yet, but I promise to reveal all of the goods, recipes, and details of this delightful event as soon as I’m able to (in just a few months!). But I can give you a little taste of what the event looked like and some of the food we got to eat.


Now go play with some recipes of your own and experiment with salt to taste a difference. I will be sharing more about this event when the video and recipes get published on the Next Door Chef website, but I encourage you to go there to see what they did in Chicago and learn more about how you can improve your cooking technique for the holidays.

*I was compensated by Morton Salt for this post. All opinions are my own.



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